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Ideabiz is your digital enablement platform that aids automate, fast track and improve communication within your digital business through powerful mobile Telco APIs

  • Interact and engage with your customers, employees & partners
  • Monetize charge or reward your customers & employees
  • Automate processes eliminate manual notifications, reminders, updates and subscriptions in your business
Try out our multitude of APIs powered by Dialog, Airtel, and Hutch to build simple yet innovative applications using the "API" toolkits provided.

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Wide range of APIs to choose from, multiple modes to accept payments and engage with users

Ideabiz enables your organization to use Dialog Network features to best suit your comapny requirements. below are some of our frequently used APis

All the APIs


Send SMS from or receive SMS to your application


Interact with your application by dialing a USSD code

Payment API

Charge to user mobile bill (Direct Operator Billing)

PIN Subscription API

Get user consent to charge, use SMS or USSD actions in your application

Ready-Made solutions at your Fingertips​




WebRTC enables any professional to have a video call with their customers. ​

Sign up, choose from a variety of calling interfaces, and start consulting. No need to install any mobile apps. Anyone with a smart phone can join your video call.​

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Simple REST APIs without tiresome integrations or VPN setups
Auth2 based token generation and high level of security standards to authenticate and authorize APIs
Create, configure and trial out your idea within minutes
Single integration
Single integration for multiple APIs
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Zero Setup Costs
No setup costs and no initial fee to get started
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